Red and Blue Nation


What do people mean when they say that politics in the United States are polarized? Polarized in what sense? How pervasively? How much more than in the past? For what reasons? Why should we care? And what, if anything ought to be done about it? In the fall of 2005, Governance Studies at Brookings in collaboration with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, set out to explore such questions. Red and Blue Nation is the result from our joint venture.

The co-directors of Red and Blue Nation were Pietro S. Nivola, senior fellow in Governance Studies; and David W. Brady, deputy director and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.


Joel D. Aberbach
University of California – Los Angeles


Alan I. Abramowitz
Emory University


Peter Beinart
Council on Foreign Relations


Sarah A. Binder
Brookings Institution


Deborah Jordan Brooks
Dartmouth College


Andrea Louise Campbell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


James E. Campbell
University at Buffalo, State University of New York


Carl M. Cannon
National Journal


Larry Diamond
Hoover Institution, Stanford University


E.J. Dionne, Jr.
Brookings Institution


Gregg Easterbrook
Brookings Institution


Thomas B. Edsall
Columbia University


John Ferejohn
Hoover Institution, Stanford University


Morris P. Fiorina
Hoover Institution, Stanford University


Christopher H. Foreman, Jr.
University of Maryland - College Park

William A. Galston
Brookings Institution


John G. Geer
Vanderbilt University


Hahrie C. Han
Wellesley College


Laurel Harbridge
Stanford University


Marc J. Hetherington
Vanderbilt University


Gary C. Jacobson
University of California – San Diego


Andrew Kohut
Pew Research Center


Keith Krehbiel
Stanford University


Matthew S. Levendusky
Yale University


Thomas E. Mann
Brookings Institution


Diana C. Mutz
University of Pennsylvania


Eric M. Patashnik
University of Virgina


Jonathan Rauch
Brookings Institution


Thomas Rosenstiel
Project for Excellence in Journalism


Martin M. Shapiro
University of California – Berkeley


Barbara Sinclair
University of California – Los Angeles


Martin P. Wattenberg
University of California – Irvine


James Q. Wilson
Pepperdine University


Benjamin Wittes
Brookings Institution


Alan Wolfe
Boston College