The Global Institute

The Global Institute (GI) was a strategic initiative of leading research-based think tanks in transition and developing countries. An initiative of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), in partnership with the Brookings Institution, GI aimed to set the highest standard for research and policy analysis in these countries. GI supported its members in managing cross-country research, building policy impact by disseminating new evidence, funding activities, and offering mentorship to younger, aspiring institutions.

GI was led by Erik Berglöf, senior fellow at Brookings and chief economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The Global Institute China-Russia Conferences

GI members CCER and CCWE in Beijing and CEFIR in Moscow co-organized a series of annual policy conferences. The meetings fostered more and deeper dialogue among thinkers and leaders in China and Russia about bilateral issues affecting these countries, by comparing their transition experiences and the challenges facing their economies. The conferences also drew general lessons relevant for international and national debates about reform policies for emerging economies, and presented these in annual policy reports. With the objective of spotlighting the best new research in two of the world’s key economies, the meetings engaged academics and practitioners in industry, government, and international organizations in Beijing (2005), Moscow (2006), Beijing (2007), and Moscow (2008).

Russia-India-China Conference 2008
"Emerging Super Trio: Global Economic Implications"

China-Russia Conference 2007
"Resources, Energy, and Institutions for Sustainable Development"

China-Russia Conference 2006
"The Role of the State in the Economy in the 21st Century"

China-Russia Conference 2005
"Russia and China: Emerging Leaders for the 21st Century"