Campaign 2012

About Campaign 2012

The 2012 presidential election took place during a critical time for America. As the nation struggled with high unemployment, record budget deficits and questions about its future role as a world power, immense challenges awaited the next president of the United States. But too often, public discussions about the presidential campaign focused on polls and sound bites rather than ideas and information.

Responding to voters who want to hear more about the issues that will shape their future, the Campaign 2012 project identified and addressed the 12 most crucial policy challenges facing the next president in the months leading up to Election Day in November. Through a series of policy briefs, short essays and blog posts from Brookings experts, Campaign 2012 offered the public and the candidates a range of independent, fact-based ideas for addressing the nation’s most urgent foreign and domestic concerns. The project also served as a forum for discussion and debate, with livestreamed events, webchats with policy experts moderated by POLITICO journalists, and conversations on Twitter and Facebook.

Campaign 2012 was directed by Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow in Brookings’s Governance Studies program.