Budgeting for National Priorities

Fiscal Solutions Tour

Under the auspices of The Concord Coalition and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Brookings budget experts are touring the country with other national experts to educate Americans about building a stronger economic future. This tour follows on the success of the "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour," which involved visits to over 70 American cities from 2005-2009 and was prominently featured on the documentary I.O.U.S.A.

Unlike the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, which focused on educating the public on the nation's long-term fiscal outlook, the new Fiscal Solutions Tour focuses on creating a forum for a bipartisan conversation with the public, policymakers and the media on how to best deal with the many challenges facing our nation's future, such as unsustainable budget policies, spiraling debt, low savings rates, dangerous reliance on foreign lenders, and the growing needs of an aging population. Ultimately, the Tour hopes to generate productive dialogues, discuss a range of potential solutions to tough issues, and build a more prosperous future for generations to come.

The primary speakers include:

  • Robert L. Bixby, executive director of The Concord Coalition
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of The American Action Forum and former director of the Congressional Budget Office
  • William Novelli, professor, Georgetown University, and former CEO of AARP
  • Isabel Sawhill, senior fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution, and former associate director of OMB
  • David M. Walker, president and CEO of The Peter G. Peterson Foundation and former U.S. comptroller general

Tour Schedule

For more information please visit The Concord Coalition's Fiscal Solutions Tour website.

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