Budgeting for National Priorities

The Budgeting for National Priorities project promotes greater fiscal responsibility by developing new ideas, educating the public, and finding common ground among experts, influentials, and policymakers.

The Fiscal Seminar
The Fiscal Seminar, a bi-partisan group jointly run by Brookings and The Heritage Foundation, has been meeting since 2005. The Seminar brings together a group of policy and budget experts to discuss the dimensions of the nation’s budget problems and to consider various approaches and tools that might be used to combat those problems. Among the topics considered by the group have been reforms of taxes, Social Security, health care, and entitlements in general, as well as budget process changes such as automatic budget triggers and spending caps. Group members have produced numerous papers on those subjects which have benefited from the comments of other participants in the Fiscal Seminar. 

Restoring Fiscal Sanity Book Series
The purpose of this book series is to provide policymakers, advocates, and the general public with an accessible text on the choices required to return to fiscal responsibility. The series commenced in 2004 with the publication of Restoring Fiscal Sanity: How to Balance the Budget and continues with Restoring Fiscal Sanity 2005: Meeting the Long-Run Challenge and Restoring Fiscal Sanity 2007: The Health Spending Challenge.

The Fiscal Solutions Tour
Under the auspices of The Concord Coalition and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Brookings budget experts are touring the country with other national experts to educate Americans about building a stronger economic future. Following on the success of the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, which focused on educating the public on the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook, the new Fiscal Solutions Tour focuses on creating a forum for a bipartisan conversation with the public, policymakers and the media on how to best deal with the many challenges facing our nation’s future. Ultimately, the Tour hopes to generate productive dialogues, discuss a range of potential solutions to tough issues, and build a more prosperous future for generations to come. 

Ron Haskins, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Budgeting for National Priorities Project
Isabel V. Sawhill, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Budgeting for National Priorities Project

Affiliated Scholars
Henry J. Aaron, Senior Fellow
Bill Frenzel, Guest Scholar
William G. Gale, Senior Fellow and Director, Tax Policy Center
William A. Galston, Senior Fellow
Tracy Gordon, Fellow
Alice Rivlin, Senior Fellow

Stephanie Cencula, Center Coordinator
Kimberly Howard, Research Assistant

For more information about this project contact Stephanie Cencula at (202) 238-3518.