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Improving Youth Summer Jobs Programs
Youth Summer Jobs Programs: Aligning Ends and Means - July 14, 2016 release 

Young Adults with Lower Levels of Education, Hurt by the Recession, Still Struggle in the Labor Market
Employment and Disconnection among Teens and Young Adults: The role of Place, Race, and Education - May 24, 2016 release 

Concentrated Poverty Continues to Grow Post Recession 
U.S. Concentrated Poverty in the Wake of the Great Recession - March 31, 2015 release

New Brookings Report Outlines Five Principles for Remaking Economic Development
Remaking Economic Development: The Markets and Civics of Continuous Growth and Prosperity - February 29, 2016 release

A New Way to Measure Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Metro Monitor: Tracking Growth, Prosperity, and Inclusion in the 100 Largest U.S. Metropolitan Areas - January 28, 2016 release 

Brookings Institution Releases Economic Strategy for Rhode Island
Rhode Island Innovates: A Competitive Strategy for the Ocean State - January 19, 2016 release 

Housing Less Affordable for Low-Income Earners in Unequal Places
City and Metropolitan Inequality on the Rise, Driven by Declining Incomes - January 14, 2016 release 

More Effective EITC through Payment Flexibility
Periodic Payment of the Earned Income Tax Credit Revisited - December 17, 2015 release

Employment Continues to Drastically Decline for American Teens
Worrying Declines in Teen and Young Adult Employment - December 16, 2015 release 

Strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit
Strategies to Strengthen the Earned Income Tax Credit - December 9, 2015 release 

Broadband Internet Adoption Rates Rise in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Broadband Adoption Rates and Gaps in U.S. Metropolitan Areas - December 7, 2015 release 

57 Metropolitan Areas Home to the Majority of Immigrants in the United States
Metropolitan immigrant gateways revisited, 2014 - December 1, 2015 release

Minnesota to Expand Regional Economic Opportunity by Focusing on Three Pillars for Growth: Innovation, Trade, and Talent
Pillars of Prosperity: Leveraging Regional Assets to Grow Minnesota's Economy - September 15, 2015 release 

25 Metropolitan Ports Move 85 Percent of U.S. Exports and Imports
The Great Port Mismatch: U.S. Goods Trade and International Transportation; Metro Modes: Charting a Path for the U.S. Freight Transportation Network  - June 16, 2015 release 

Lessons from DACA Will Help Create Better Immigration Policy
Local Insights from DACA for Implementing Future Programs for Unauthorized Immigrants - June 4, 2015 release 

Value-Added Rankings Measure Economic Impact of College
Beyond College Rankings: A Value Added Approach to Assessing Two- and Four-Year Schools - April 29, 2015 release

In Metro Areas, Jobs a Little Further Out of Reach
The Growing Distance Between People and Jobs in Metropolitan America - March 24, 2015 release

Strategies to Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing
Lessons from Germany - February 26, 2015 release

Advanced Industries Drive Broad-Based Growth and Prosperity
America's Advanced Industries: What They Are, Where They Are, and Why They Matter - February 5, 2015 release

U.S. and U.K. Cities Join Ranks of Fastest Growing Economies
Global Metro Monitor 2014: An Uncertain Recovery - January 22, 2015 release

A Guide to Public Private Partnerships Recommendations for Public Leaders Considering PPPs
Private Capital, Public Good: Drivers of Successful Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships - December 17, 2014 release

STEM Education and Training Critical for Nevada’s Economy
Cracking the Code on STEM: A People Strategy for Nevada's Economy - November 12, 2014 release

U.S. Goods Trade Relies on Regional Logistic Hubs
Mapping Freight: The Highly Concentrated Nature of Goods Trade in the United States - November 6, 2014 release 

Limited English Proficient Workers More Productive with Increased Investment in English Skills
Investing in English Skills: The Limited English Proficient Workforce in U.S. Metropolitan Areas - September 24, 2014 release

Foreign Students Are Growing Economic Force in U.S. with Huge Potential to Increase Jobs and Investment
The Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education: Origins and Destinations - August 29, 2014 release

Healthcare Jobs Requiring Less Education Are Growing Rapidly
Part of the Solution: Pre-Baccalaureate Healthcare Workers in a Time of Health System Change - July 24, 2014

In Post-Recession Economy, STEM Jobs in High Demand Compared to Other Fields
Still Searching: Job Vacancies and STEM Skills - July 1, 2014 release

Foreign Investment Holds Potential as Critical Tool in Growing State and Local Economies
FDI in U.S. Metro Areas - June 20, 2014 release

A New Geography of Innovation: Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner Analyze Emerging Innovation District Trend
The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America - June 9, 2014 release

Brookings Releases First-Ever, Metro-Level Analysis of Total U.S. Infrastructure Employment
Beyond Shovel-Ready: The Extent of Infrastructure Jobs in the U.S. - May 9, 2014 release

Central Puget Sound Region Selected to Join Global Cities Initiative's New Metro Foreign Direct Investment Pilot
Global Cities Initiative Seattle Forum - April 10, 2014 release

Labor Market for Young Americans Declined More Dramatically in 2000s than Official Unemployment Rates Show
The Plummeting Labor Market Fortunes of Teens and Young Adults - March 15, 2014 release

EB-5 Investor Visa Program Becoming Popular Tool in Growing Local Economies and Creating Jobs
Improving the EB-5 Investor Visa Program: International Financing for U.S. Regional Economic Development - February 5, 2014 release

México City and Chicago Announce Innovative Economic Partnership 
Global Cities Initiative Mexico City Forum - November 14, 2013 release

Brookings Report Remaps North American Economy and Identifies Metro Areas Critical to North American Competitiveness
Metro North America: Cities and Metros as Hubs of Advanced Industries and Integrated Goods Trade - November 5, 2013 release

Tennessee Can Become Premier Global Destination for Auto Production 
Drive! Moving Tennessee's Automotive Sector Up the Value Chain - October 4, 2013 release

Exports Continue to Lead the Way Out of the Recession 
Export Nation 2013 - September 17, 2013 release

Healthcare Playing Outsized Role in U.S. Jobs Recovery in Large Metropolitan Areas
Healthcare Metro Monitor - July 1, 2013 release

The Metropolitan Revolution
The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Economy - June 17, 2013 release

Employer Demand for STEM Knowledge is More Pervasive than Previously Thought, According to New Definition
The Hidden STEM Economy - June 10, 2013 release

City of Newark to Capitalize on Manufacturing Assets
Newark’s Manufacturing Competitiveness: Findings & Strategies - May 28, 2013 release

Poor Population in America’s Suburbs Growing Faster Than in Cities or Rural Areas, Rising 64 Percent in Past Decade
Confronting Suburban Poverty in America - May 20, 2013 release

Recession Slowed the Shift of Jobs Away from Downtown in the 2000s
Job Sprawl Stalls: The Great Recession and Metropolitan Employment Location - April 16, 2013 release

Number of Foreign Students in United States Increased Fifty Percent
Immigration Facts on Foreign Students - April 9, 2013 release

Atlanta Leaders Convene to Boost Region’s Overseas Business Opportunities at Global Cities Initiative Forum
Global Cities Initiative Forum in Atlanta - March 20, 2013 release

Brookings Urges New Federal Action to Spur U.S. Exports from Regions
Strengthen Federalism: Establish a Regional Export Accelerator Challenge (REACH) Grant Program to Boost U.S. Exports and Trade Capacity - February 11, 2013 release

As Patenting Soars to Historic Rates, the Most Inventive Metropolitan Areas are Leaving Others Behind
Patenting Prosperity - February 1, 2013 release

Top Ten Most Innovative Economic Development Initiatives Announced by Brookings Institution, Rockefeller Foundation
Innovations to Watch - January 18, 2013 release

Brookings Calls on Congress to Strengthen Manufacturing Sector
Remaking Federalism: Renewing the Economy series - January 14, 2013 release