Governance Studies

Governance Studies at Brookings

Dating back to Brookings’s founding in 1916, the Governance Studies Program at Brookings is one of the world’s most recognized and respected research programs focused on governance challenges in the United States and around the world, major policy issues, and political institutions. Our scholarship offers ideas on institutional reform to ensure better governance.

Viewed as a premier, independent voice in the domestic policymaking sphere, Governance Studies is home to three research centers: The Brown Center on Education Policy, The Center for Technology Innovation and The Center for Effective Public Management.

The program’s key objectives include:

  • Provide policymakers with expert analysis, cutting-edge research and policy ideas to ensure better institutional governance.
  • Improve the performance of the national government to benefit all people.
  • Inform policy debates and impact legislation and executive actions.

As a locus for information and analysis on current and emerging issues, Governance Studies’ research and expertise covers a wide array, including:

  • The Brown Center on Education Policy: Conducts research and provides policy recommendations on topics in education.
  • The Center for Technology Innovation: Helps shape public debate on technology innovation and develops data-driven scholarship to enhance understanding of technology’s legal, economic, social, and governance ramifications in the U.S. and around the globe.
  • The Center for Effective Public Management: Identifies and solves political and governance challenges in 21st century America.
  • Examining each of the following areas of vital national concern with the goal of establishing an agenda for institutional reform in the U.S. and globally:
    • Budgeting for the future
    • Investing in manufacturing and critical infrastructure
    • Filling vacancies in the executive and judicial branches; reforming the presidential appointment process
    • Reducing political polarization through redistricting
    • Employing strategic communications for public diplomacy
    • Reforming the U.S. House and Senate; filibuster abuse
    • Understanding leadership in the modern age
    • Fostering public participation in the redistricting process
    • Promoting sound technology innovation policies
    • Exploring the intersection of religion, policy, and politics
    • Forging a coherent strategy toward trying and detaining terror suspects, researching legal architecture of the War on Terror as it develops into case law
    • Researching education reforms such as school choice, teacher evaluation systems and class size
    • Exploring the electoral, partisan, and economic conditions that underlie efforts by Congress and the president to reform the powers and governance of the Fed
    • Analyzing cybersecurity and cyber-espionage threats; online privacy in a digital world
    • Examining the judicial selection and confirmation process
    • Understanding federalism in the modern age

Governance Studies also delivers two regular policy report paper series. Issues in Governance Studies evaluate the strength of political processes and civic and governing institutions. Issues in Technology Innovation analyze public policy developments in technology innovation to enhance the understanding of technology’s legal, economic, social, and governance ramifications.

Our Staff
The program is directed by Darrell M. West. Learn more about who we are by visiting our Expert pages.

Ashley Bennett, Associate Director of Development | email
Robert (Bob) Brier, Director of Finance and Administration | email
Brittany Brown-Hart, Associate Director of Operations, Center for Effective Public Management
Courtney Dunakin, Development Director | email
Anna Goodbaum, Event Manager
John Hudak, Deputy Director, Center for Effective Public Management
John ‘Jack’ Karsten, Center Coordinator, Technology Innovation
Andrew Kenealy, Research Assistant
Curtlyn Kramer, Research Assistant
Robin Lewis, Research Analyst and Associate Fellow
Elizabeth McElvein, Senior Research Assistant
Cody Poplin, Senior Research Assistant
Diana Quintero Castellanos, Research Assistant
Elizabeth Sablich, Communications Director
Hillary Schaub, Program Coordinator
Lauren Shaw, Financial Assistant
Beth Stone, Communications Manager
Elizabeth Thom, Project & Research Assistant
Grace Wallack, Senior Research Assistant & Associate Editor, FixGov Blog
Nick Zeppos, Research Assistant