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A Golden Era Fades as South America Faces Its Crossroads
October 15, 2013, Financial Times

U.S. Debt Default Would be a ‘Triple Whammy’ for Chile
October 15, 2013, The Santiago Times

Yellen Nomination Good News for Economy: Talvi
October 8, 2013, Bloomberg

Despite Canceled Trip, Obama's 'Committed' to U.S. Pivot Toward Asia
October 4, 2013, Los Angeles Times

President Barack Obama and Africa’s Uncompleted Journey, Part II  
October 4, 2013, NPR

Reunião No G20 é 'Teste' Para Cooperação Dos Brics
September 5, 2013, BBC Brasil

Nairobi: A Young and Bustling City
September 24, 2013, The Takeaway 

When State and Capital Split Apart
March 28, 2013, New York Times

President Barack Obama and Africa’s Uncompleted Journey, Part II
March 14, 2013, AfricaPlus

The Steady Hand of China’s Central Banker
March 13, 2013, Wall Street Journal

Are Aid Donors Repeating Mistakes in Myanmar?
March 12, 2013, Global Post

Stimulus-Funded Battery Maker’s Failure Another Blow to Obama Clean-Energy Plan 
October 16, 2012, Washington Times

Analysis: Uneasy Role for IMF in Eurozone Crisis
October 2, 2012, Reuters

Financialist: U.S.-China Trade Tensions Grow
September 18, 2012, Mindful Money 

Europe's Vital French Connection
September 12, 2012, Project Syndicate

Greece Likely Seeks Easing of ECB Seniority
September 11, 2012, Wall Street Journal

Reform by Stealth is Reason for Optimism about China
August 5, 2012, Financial Times

Myanmar's Economy Confronts Tough Policy Challenges
July 31, 2012, East Asia Forum

Fracas About Miffs
July 20, 2012, The Economist

Forget Rio+20, The Right Steps Can Bring Instant and Lasting Development Gains
June 20, 2012, The Guardian

Chasing China's Shoppers
June 14, 2012, Wall Street Journal

How Europe's Financial Crisis May Spread
June 14, 2012, CNN

More Than 20 Killed in Sectarian Strife in Burma
June 12, 2012, Voice of America

Who Cares if the Rupee Keeps Falling?
May 25, 2012, New York Times

It's Time to Tax Happiness
May 25, 2012, Businessweek

Burma: U.S., E.U. Investment Will Not Weaken China Economic Ties
May 24, 2012, Voice of America

White House said to be Watching Greece Situation
May 10, 2012, Washington Post

IMF Drafting New Safeguards For Its Cash, May Limit Euro Lending-Sources
May 9, 2012, Wall Street Journal

Time to Relax Austerity Plans? Europe Takes New Direction
May 7, 2012, USA Today

If You’re Happy and You Know It...Let the Government Know
March 29, 2012, Washington Post

World Bank Pick, An Innovative Problem-Solver, Draws Mixed Responses
March 26, 2012, ClimateWire

World Name Nominee Shifts Global Priorities
March 23, 2012, The Fiscal Times

Jeffrey Sachs Wants To Be World Bank President, And He's Helping It Already
March 16, 2012, Huffington Post

Amid Doubts, IMF Clears Greek Loan
March 16, 2012, Wall Street Journal

Progress on Global Poverty
March 13, 2012, Council on Foreign Relations

Payne’s Death a Great Loss for Africa
March 10, 2012, Daily Nation

In China, Inflation Eases as Growth Slows
March 9, 2012, New York Times

Proponen Coordinación Gobierno-Empresarios para Mejorar Educación
March 3, 2012, El Nuevo Diario

G-20 Asks Europe to Beef Up Funds
February 23, 2012, Wall Street Journal

The Middle Class Goes Global
February 23, 2012, Project Syndicate

IMF Said to Limit Exposure to Greece at 30 Billion Euros After New Loan
February 23, 2012, Bloomberg

Breakfast With Former IMF China Hand Eswar Prasad
February 17, 2012, Wall Street Journal

As China’s Currency Rises, U.S. Keeps Up Its Pressure
February 15, 2012, New York Times

Rmb: Changing China, Not the World
February 9, 2012, Financial Times

Mario Monti, Italy's Prime Minister, Aims to Set a New Growth Agenda for Europe
February 8, 2012, Washington Post

China's Sensible Yuan Policy
February 8, 2012, Wall Street Journal

In Syria's Corner
February 1, 2012, New York Times

Nigerian Authorities Underestimating Unrest?
January 24, 2012, NPR

IMF Seeks $500 Billion More to Lend as It Plans to Cut Growth Forecast
January 19, 2012, New York Times

Barack Obama Still Has the Chance to Leave a Legacy in Africa
January 5, 2012, The Guardian

New Law Aims to Shine Light on Conflict Metals
December 20, 2011, NPR

IMF Boosts Emergency Response Powers
December 14, 2011, Washington Post

After Durban, What Comes Next for Climate Policy?
December 12, 2011, PBS Newshour

European Leaders Take Crucial First Step
December 9, 2011, National Journal

EU Loans to IMF May Open Door to Funds From Brazil, China
December 9, 2011, Bloomberg

Revolution Offers Chance for Libyan Archaeology
November 18, 2011, Nature

Italy's Role on the World Stage
November 7, 2011, CNBC

Obama Says G-20 Waiting for 'Critical' EU Action to Solve Crisis
November 4, 2011, Wall Street Journal

EU Acts to Shield Euro from Greece
November 3, 2011, USA Today

Europe Struggles for Crisis Cure Ahead of Summit
October 24, 2011, Bloomberg

China, an Appreciation
October 16, 2011, The Economist

The G-20's Eurozone Problem
October 15, 2011, Council on Foreign Relations

Prasad on IMF Resources, G-20 Meetings
October 14, 2011, Bloomberg 

Senate Jabs China Over Its Currency
October 11, 2011, New York Times

IMF Mulls Bonds, Borrowing to Pump Up War Chest
October 7, 2011, Reuters

Biofuels, Speculation Blamed for Global Food Market Weirdness
October 5, 2011, Wired Science

China's Yuan Hitches Ride on Surging Dollar
October 4, 2011, Wall Street Journal

Prasad Says Global Economy in 'Very Fragile Phase' (Video)
September 26, 2011, The Washington Post

Top Link Book Corner: 'The Pursuit of Happiness'
September 27, 2011, ABC News

Why Central Banking Needs a Total Rethink
September 19, 2011, The Telegraph

Global Recovery in Danger of Skidding Off Course
September 18, 2011, Financial Times

African Elections: The Good, The Bad and The Rest
September 15, 2011, VibeGhana

Rethinking Central Banking
September 14, 2011, The Atlantic

Central Banks Must Consider Foreign Economies: Report
September 13, 2011, Reuters

Supervising the Supervisors
September 13, 2011, Reuters

U.S. Economy, Obama, European Crisis
September 7, 2011, Bloomberg

Italian Workers Strike as Senate Votes on Belt-Tightening
September 6, 2011, CNN

Libya's Anti-Qaddafi Forces Set Deadline For Loyalist Surrender
August 30, 2011, Voice of America

Global Insurance Pool Would Reduce Financial Risks, Prasad Says
August 27, 2011, Bloomberg

Lombardi Says Europe's Monetary Union 'Under Attack'
August 22, 2011, Washington Post

EU Countries' Spending Cuts, Tax Hikes Hurt GDP Growth
August 17, 2011, U.S. News & World Report

Analysis - Viability of Sarkozy's Euro Crisis Ideas in Question
August 17, 2011, Reuters

U.S. Debt and a Global System Adrift and Imperiled
August 16, 2011, East Asia Forum

This Time, U.S. Fears a Financial Crisis from Abroad
August 11, 2011, Huffington Post

Is Italy the Next Greece?
August 9, 2011, The New Republic

European Fear: The Wolves are at the Gate
August 5, 2011, CNN

This Time, U.S. Fears a Financial Crisis from Abroad
August 11, 2011, Huffington Post

Spain and Italy Pose Conundrum for IMF
August 4, 2011, Financial Times

U.S. Backs Bigger European Bailout Facility To Stem Debt Crisis - G-7 Source
August 3, 2011, Wall Street Journal

The Price Is Right
July 18, 2011, Foreign Policy

Sudan President Promises Freer, More Inclusive Government
July 12, 2011, Los Angeles Times
Why Food Price Volatility Doesn't Matter
July 12, 2011, Foreign Affairs