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REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra - Tobias Ellwood, a British Foreign Office minister, lays flowers with tags bearing names of victims on the beach of the Imperial Marhaba resort, during a memorial ceremony on the first anniversary of an attack by a gunman at the hotel in Sousse, Tunisia June 26, 2016.

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One year after Sousse, it’s the economy—not security—that worries Tunisians

June 30, 2016, Sarah Yerkes

Tunisia this week marked the one-year anniversary of a brutal terrorist attack in the resort town of Sousse, where 38 beachgoers were killed. The anniversary prompted a spate of articles in the international press noting Tunisia’s continuing terror threat. Yet a recent visit for Sarah Yerkes to Tunisia underscored that Tunisians, perhaps more so than Americans or Europeans, have moved on from Sousse and that the country's biggest challenges are economic.

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