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Health Policy Books

Are you your best health advocate? With the help of Brookings books on health care you can be. Learn how national reforms of health care policy and delivery affect you. Explore our array of titles covering all things related to health care, including the application of medical technology; the challenges and outcomes associated with increasing coverage; patient privacy; insurance regulation; international health systems; and the monetary cost of health care reform. Get the diagnosis on policy from Brookings and become a smarter health care consumer.

American Federalism In Practice: The Formulation and Implementation of Contemporary Health Policy
Michael Doonan

An exploration of the tension between federal and state responsibilities with the expansion of health care coverage. Michael Doonan (Brandeis University) examines specific programs, including HIPAA, CHIP, and ACA, which have been implemented at the state level.
Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare System
William A. Haseltine

Why look to failed health care reform in America for answers when Singapore serves a model for improving health outcomes without the high cost of U.S. care. William Haseltine provides an illustrative example of a health care system that actually works effectively and efficiently.
Digital Medicine: Healthcare in the Internet Era
Darrel M. West, Edward Alan Miller

A Challenge to barriers to digital advances and compares private and nonprofit use of digital tools. Author Darrell West also analyzes which patients are more likely to seek digital access to health information.
Improving Value in Healthcare: Measuring Quality

The OECD establishes quantitative metrics to track the quality of care across developed countries. This volume analyzes why certain countries may lead in reported quality metrics and what practices other countries can adopt to improve health programs.
Health Policy Developments 13
Kerstin Blum, Ray Moynihan, Reinhard Busse, Sophia Schlette

This volume from the Bertelsmann Foundation counters the notion that more competition leads to better care delivery and outcomes. The authors also explore how the global economic crisis has affected health systems across the world. .