Brookings Executive Education

Program Series Global Challenges, Threats, and Opportunities: U.S. Perspective

U.S. National Security Policy Issues

Become acquainted with some of the key national security policy issues and global socioeconomic-political issues confronting the United States today. This topical course will explore crucial current issues in areas such as U.S. grand strategy, the defense budget, China, Iran, Pakistan, and the future of terrorism, including cybersecurity.

Topics each year reflect contemporary issues. The agenda and speakers for the 2012 course are still to be determined. In 2011 topics for discussion included:

  • The State of Domestic Security in the United States: Key Accomplishments
  • Challenges in the Middle East in the Wake of the Arab Spring
  • Gridlock in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
  • Pakistan's Relations with the United States
  • Cyber Security: How Serious the Challenge?
  • U.S. Counter Terrorism Policy
  • Chinese-U.S. Security Relations
  • The Defense Department Policy Process
  • Strengthening U.S. National Security by Stengthening International Law
  • Iran: How Serious the Threat?
  • American Defense Budgets

Select speakers in 2011 included:

  • Michael Chertoff, former Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
  • Joseph DeTrani, Director, National Counterproliferation Center, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • Martin Indyk, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution; former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Assistant Secretary of State, Near Eastern Affairs
  • Vali Nasr, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution
  • Diana V. Negroponte, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Latin America Initiative, Brookings Institution
  • Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow and Director of Research, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution; author of The Wounded Giant: America's Armed Forces in an Age of Austerity
  • Eric Olson, Senior Associate, Mexico Institute, Latin America Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • Kenneth Pollack, Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution; author, The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America
  • Frank Ruggiero, Senior Deputy Special Representative and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Department of State 
  • Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), ranking member, House Armed Services Committee