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Inside Washington: Understanding Federal Decision-Making

Policymaking on Capitol Hill is only one part of the equation. Congress regularly enacts vague legislation, which leaves addressing policy details to the discretion of executive branch agencies. Rules, regulations, executive orders, and a variety of other mechanisms have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line, be it public or private. Another key element of the policy process is the agenda set by the White House, whether formally through the budget or informally via the bully pulpit.

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Take this program together with Inside Congress: Understanding Congressional Operations to get an extensive, firsthand guide to how government really works.

The agenda for Inside Washington is always highly topical. Continuing programs will be linked to major political and policy issues.

View a working agenda from our upcoming Inside Washington seminar scheduled for June 6-8, 2012.

Praise for this Program

“It’s been a long time since civics in eighth grade. Inside Washington gave me a broader understanding of not just the textbook way that Washington works but how it really works."
—Wade Walters, Social Security Administration
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"An experience you just don't get anywhere else. Brookings has clout."
—Barbara Kakiris, NASA
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