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Coach Development Program 2012/13

Brookings Executive Education (BEE) has teamed with the renowned Teleos Leadership Institute to provide a unique, multi-part experience that trains participants to be executive coaches.

BEE’s Coach Development Program uses proven methodologies, research in neuropsychology and emotional intelligence, and a process of inquiry and personal discovery. Through applied theory and practice with feedback from world-class coaches, you learn how to add exceptional value to your organization as a coach. Agency coaches can play a particularly important role in developing new leaders in their organizations, especially Presidential Management Fellows and other new recruits.

The Coach Development Program (CDP) is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon completion participants will have met the qualifications to be an International Coach Federation certified coach.

It is a multi-part program with self-directed work in between the four-day sessions. The intersession assignments include virtual learning, three hour-long 1:2 mentoring calls, coaching practice, and teleconference mentoring. The program content and intersession work will provide a foundation for participants to gain ICF certification.

Who should attend: Senior agency leaders and HR professionals  

Contact Brookings Executive Education at to bring the Coach Development Program to your agency. 

Benefits of Internal Coaching

July marks the end of the first year of BEE’s Coach Development Program (CDP) with a dozen leaders readying for certification by the International Coach Federation. Participants say it has been a transformative experience, developing new skills as coaches as well as increasing their personal leadership capability.

Sequestration and budget cuts mandate that agencies find ways to grow their leaders internally and the CDP allows them to do just that. With minimal investment, agencies can develop a cadre of leadership coaches that can eliminate the high cost of external coaches. The efficacy of this approach is borne out by an agency that has asked us to create a customized CDP for them.

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology finds that when cost is a major consideration, internal coaching can be an appealing option for executive development. Studies have found that external executives coaches can cost an organization anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per person, thereby limiting the number of people who can benefit from coaching. In addition internal coaches understand the culture and know how to navigate their way through complex organizational systems. Internal coaches are able to provide more real-time feedback and understand the contextual factors affecting the behavior of individuals and teams.

Leaders-as-coaches not only play an instrumental role in organizational robustness and pipeline development; research shows that engaging in compassionate coaching also helps sustain the leader’s personal effectiveness. Researchers at Case Western have found that coaching by leaders has psycho-physiological efforts that restore the body’s natural healing and shift one’s mood. Their findings suggest that leaders who employ coaching as a key part of their leadership role are able to sustain themselves by balancing the efforts of chronic stress with the ameliorative effects of coaching others.  In essence, developing leaders-as-coaches has a direct relationship on leader effectiveness (Boyatzis, Smith and Blaize, “Developing Sustainable Leaders through coaching and Compassion,” Academy of Management Learning & Education, 5(1), 2006: 8-24).

At the heart of the CDP experience is personal growth and change. The core faculty stays with the group from beginning to end, enabling each student to be truly “coached” as leaders and future coaches. The experience deeply transforms the participants, building their leadership skills and improving performance. 

The CDP is a research-based design, developed and conducted by the renowned Teleos Leadership Institute. Co-founder Fran Johnston and Managing Director Eddy Mwelwa led the 2012-13 class. They provide the following peek into the experience:

“We derive enormous personal and professional fulfillment from helping people grow as individuals and develop skills to support that same development in others. As faculty lead for the Coach Development Program, we see participants on the first day who think ‘What am I getting myself into? How can being a coach help me at work?’ Yet by the end of the first morning together, we see the shift to a social cohesiveness that we’re all here to help people excel at work and in their lives.

“Each course begins with the theory of coaching and practicing skills. Participants feel free to experiment and stretch themselves. Most importantly, they begin to connect with what’s possible for their own personal and professional development. They begin to see the power of coaching techniques in a myriad of settings. The enthusiasm and transformations are palpable. The Teleos Coach Development Program at BEE is a remarkable opportunity to create deep and rich impact in your organization, and it is our hope that many throughout government will join us in this extraordinary development experience.”