Master of Science in Leadership


Develop New Thinking for Today’s Leadership Challenges

Brookings Executive Education's (BEE) Leading Thinking™ curriculum, the foundation of our MS-Leadership degree, is proving to be transformative for both individuals and their organizations. This distinctive degree is one of the few offered in the United States for leaders in the public sector, and is unique in its emphasis on practical application for tackling the multifaceted problems that the government is called upon to solve.

A Real-World Foundation

Experience a learning environment unlike any other, exploring critical leadership issues in the modern complexity of government and public leadership.
The MS-Leadership degree is:

  • Delivered via Brookings Executive Education
  • Granted by Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Designed with a flexible curriculum so you can take courses as time and resources allow

Develop Mastery
There’s never been a greater need for forward-thinking, resilient leaders than there is today. An MS-Leadership degree will prepare you to meet today’s challenges head-on. The curriculum was developed for those who are immersed in the challenges of today’s government. Content focuses on developing the leadership abilities needed to comprehensively frame challenges, work with others to come up with creative and valuable solutions, and then implement them even in the most difficult of circumstances, such as when a leader has limited or no formal authority.

  • Learn how to address existing challenges that leaders grapple with daily
  • Explore unique cases featuring current issues, which provide direct connections to challenges unique to government
  • Faculty includes thought leaders fully immersed in the processes of leading in government
  • Peer-to-peer networking further connects you across government agencies

Demonstrate OPM ECQs
Unlike many other programs, with the MS-Leadership degree, you can vividly demonstrate your proficiency within each of the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). There is a course in this degree program addressing each OPM competency. In fact, the MS-Leadership degree is becoming recognized as a model of Senior Executive Service (SES) preparation and development.

  • Understand each competency and demonstrate your proficiency by reducing course content to practice
  • Align your development efforts with OPM ECQs
  • Coursework can become part of your application package for the SES, explicitly highlighting your qualifications and demonstrated capabilities
  • Demonstrate return on investment

Leading Thinking™
The MS-Leadership degree boasts Olin Business School’s award-winning curriculum and is part of BEE’s paradigm for executive success: Leading Thinking.™ It is not enough to merely learn certain leadership behaviors. Rather, it is crucial to develop the ability to lead thinking in order to gain trust, empower others, and lead your team to achieve a shared vision.

Through Leading Thinking,™ you will learn how to guide yourself as well as lead others to find, frame, and formulate challenges using proven processes that overcome common biases and foster improved teamwork. You will learn how to continuously advance your thinking through the STAR Model, in which participants are trained to Stop and Think before Acting, followed by Reflection. In effect, the STAR Model fosters an awareness of the thought process itself, sharpening your ability to make wise decisions.

Because the emphasis of the MS-Leadership degree is on thinking—not just on learned behaviors—Leading Thinking™ is creating transformative leaders. MS-Leadership graduates are poised to become the kind of leaders who cultivate success and flourish in their careers.

Masters of Science in Leadership