New Course Catalog 2014-2015

Download Brookings Executive Education's 2014-2015 Course Catalog (PDF)

Enduring the “Double S” (sequestration and shutdown) in 2013 took an enormous toll on the government’s human capital and capacity. To help you meet your mission and motivate your people Brookings Executive Education (BEE) is launching several initiatives most notably a new Brookings Executive Education Fellows Program. The BEE Fellows program provides award winning, research based curriculum via a “customized cohort” learning experience. This new program was designed in consultation with learning and development officials to prepare high potential employees for senior leadership positions in government. It promises to be a cost-effective, high impact alternative to traditional development programs. (add link to Fellows page and new flyer)

Additional noteworthy offerings from BEE include:

  • BEE with YOU: Purchasing our courses for on-site delivery eliminates participant travel expenses and substantially lowers your per attendee cost.
  • Master of Science in Leadership: BEE’s curriculum is proving to be transformative for both individuals and their organizations. This distinctive degree is one of the few offered in the United States for leaders in the public sector, and is unique in its emphasis on practical application for tackling the multifaceted “wicked” problems that the government is called upon to solve.
  • LEGIS Fellows: Improve relationships with policymakers by placing agency specialists on a detail on Capitol Hill via BEE’s renowned fellowship program.
    Certificate in Public Leadership and Certificate in Policy Strategy: Earn a distinctive credential that advances and recognizes the leadership capabilities of government managers and executives, either in leading public organizations or developing public policy.
  • Women’s Leadership Collaborative: During six days spread over seven months women across government join together as a cohort to enhance their leadership qualities and explore the secrets of senior –level success.
  • Leadership Residencies: Immerse yourself in a week-long learning experience and engage with peers across government to develop new mindsets, acquire new tools, and enhance your capacity to lead.
    • Executive Leadership for America
    • Public Leadership 21C
    • Executive Mindset
    • Daring to Lead

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