Certificate in Policy Strategy

Brookings Executive Education’s (BEE) Certificate in Policy Strategy (CPS) provides you with the tools and analytic framework needed to effectively engage in policymaking, and a unique credential from a world-renowned public policy and research think tank.

With this course of study you will master the art of policy entrepreneurship. You will learn how to analyze when windows of opportunity are likely to open, predict the parameters of change, and advise on how to prepare for and respond to these changes. Most importantly, you will learn the fine art of policymaking from some of the most renowned policy entrepreneurs in the field.

In addition to completing the six required courses, you are invited to take a deep dive into the geopolitical, economic, and social issues facing various regions of the world, e.g., East/South Asia, the Middle East, and South/Central America. Hear directly from the experts to strengthen your understanding of the political and economic challenges and the threats and opportunities within these important regional communities. 

How You Benefit

  • Enhance skills and confidence to engage in policymaking
  • Sharpen analytical and political skills to propel your career and benefit your organization
  • Interact with analysts, authors, and thought leaders who are affecting the future of the United States
  • Take courses as your time and resources allow

Requirements and Eligibility

Mandatory Courses:
Choice of:

Inside Congress

 4 days

 Executive Inside Congress

 2 days

 Inside the White House

 3 days

 The Insider’s Budgetary Process

 2 days

 The Insider’s Legs and Regs

 2 days

 Politics and Policymaking

 2 days

 Global Challenges, Threats, and Opportunities:
U.S. Perspective

 2 days

Elective Courses:
Choice of (one of below):

 Regional Challenges, Threats,
and Opportunities: East and South Asia

 2 days

 Regional Challenges, Threats, and
Opportunities: The Middle East

 2 days

 Regional Challenges, Threats, and
Opportunities: South and Central America

 2 days


 16-18 days

This certificate requires enrollment in all Inside Government series courses and two courses from the Global Challenges series (one mandatory and one elective). BEE’s CPS is most relevant to mid-level and senior managers from nonprofits, associations, and corporations or government managers and executives ranked GS13 to SES (or military equivalent).

You must register to earn the Certificate in Policy Strategy. Registration is free. You may receive credit for courses attended within a two-year period prior to enrollment.

Those who have or are pursuing a Certificate in Public Leadership can apply five days of course credits toward the CPS. Other exemptions may apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Register by emailing or calling 800-925-5730.