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The Brookings Institution has opened Brookings India—a center for public policy research based in New Delhi. Brookings has made this move because of India's growing importance on the world stage as the world's largest democracy and a rising power with one of the fastest growing economies.

Brookings India serves as a platform for cutting-edge, policy-relevant research and analysis on the opportunities and challenges facing India and the world. Indians will play the primary role in directing, staffing and funding the center. The research priorities of Brookings India—including domestic and global economics, foreign policy, energy policy and infrastructure policy—will be aligned with India's policy agenda. Brookings India will seek to collaborate with existing Indian think tanks across the country. Its work will be based on the Brookings motto of "Quality, Independence, Impact," promoting in India its brand of independent, in-depth research and engagement in the policy debate.

Vikram Singh Mehta serves as chairman of Brookings India. Mehta, until recently, was chairman of the Shell Group of Companies in India. After beginning his career with the Indian Administrative Service, he held positions with Philips Petroleum and Oil India Limited. “Given India’s considerable strategic importance to the United States and the larger international community, how India deals with its challenges and opportunities is a matter of great interest across the world,” said Mehta. “The Brookings Institution is the oldest independent think tank. For the fifth year in a row, it has been ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank in the world. Brookings India will utilize Brookings' time-tested methods as the world's leading think tank while providing an Indian perspective in the policy debate.”

“Whether humanity thrives in the 21st century will depend in no small measure on India’s success in meeting the needs of its people and in exerting regional and global leadership,” said Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution. “My colleagues and I believe that the model of independent policy-relevant research that Brookings has developed over nearly 100 years will contribute to an informed Indian citizenry and provide useful analysis and recommendations to Indian policymakers as they deal with these challenges. In addition, the connection to Brookings in Washington will help increase the reach of Indian scholars to the United States and elsewhere."

Brookings India is one of two components of the Brookings India Initiative. The other component is The India Project at Brookings in Washington, DC. The Initiative has the twin goals of providing policymaking communities in the U.S. and India with independent policy research and raising the profile and understanding of Indian policy issues in the United States.