Center for Effective Public Management

About the Center for Effective Public Management

The Center for Effective Public Management (CEPM) at Brookings is a research organization focused on identifying and solving political and governance challenges in 21st century America. Housed within the Governance Studies Program, Brookings’ domestic policy shop, this center strives to reinvigorate the U.S. government – along with public and private sector leadership – to be more effective and capable.

Working with experts in leadership and management, academics, advocacy organizations, policymakers, and universities from across the country, the center explores current problems in the American political system and ways to improve the democratic process.  In addition, the CEPM addresses the challenges the public sector faces as it tries to ensure sound performance, good governance, and strong leadership in the U.S. government.

The CEPM is led by Senior Fellow and Founding Director Elaine Kamarck, a key figure in reinventing government research and action. As a senior staffer in the Clinton administration, she created the National Performance Review, the largest government reform effort in the last half of the twentieth century. Kamarck is joined in these efforts by a number of Governance Studies scholars, as well as a team of non-Brookings experts with proven track records in government reinvention and innovation.

CEPM’s primary research areas and activities include:

  • The Strengthening American Democracy Initiative – First-rate research and public forums to analyze six key areas: political party reinvention, changes to our electoral and primary systems, governance and institutional reforms, federalism questions, expanding civics education, and reinvigorating the media industry.
  • FixGov – A blog and online community that features and discusses case studies on the U.S. political system and the government in order to identify problems – big and small – and offer solutions that are not just sensible, but also realistic. FixGov analysis is delivered by Brookings scholars and a diverse group of contributors who offer recommendations that actively account for the current political environment and dynamics. FixGov’s analysis also incorporates crowd-sourced information from the federal workforce on best practices and areas for government improvement.
  • The Management and Leadership Initiative – Policy research and events to boost understanding of the nation’s current leadership deficit and to identify ways to change leaders’ behavior and improve leadership capacity and decision-making.
  • The Initiative on 21st Century Capitalism – Thought capital, policy research, and convenings focused on improving our understanding and actualization of strong private sector and corporate leadership and governance.

With this aggressive set of activities and goals, the CEPM intends to be a vital force in transforming the United States’ most important institutions. The CEPM aims to provide cutting-edge, useful research and programming to help shape domestic policy and inform U.S. policymakers in their efforts to improve our national government.