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REUTERS/Pichi Chuang - Activists walk past a statue of a pink dolphin while protesting against the Taiwanese government's petrochemical policy during a rally in Taipei November 13, 2010. Thousands of activists took to the streets to rally against several petrochemical projects in central Taiwan that will have an impact on the environment, according to the activists. The flags read: "Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Co. endangers our lives and properties." November 13, 2010


Environmental issues facing Taiwan

November 2015, Simona Grano

Since lifting martial law in 1987, Taiwan has experienced a surge in environmental organizations in an effort to fix the degradation brought by three decades of rapid industrialization. The Taiwan environmental movement has enjoyed success in fighting polluting industries and affecting policies, but several issues remain. Dr. Simona Grano analyzes the environment challenges facing Taiwan by examining the causes of the problems, the stakeholders involved, and the barriers to implementing effective environmental policy.

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